Curaçao is a small island in the southern Caribbean

Located just around 60 kilometers north of the northern coast of Venezuela, the island has a great advantage to be located outside the hurricane belt.
While other islands in the Caribbean are at some risk to get hit by hurricanes, the chance to get hit by one in Curacao is very little.
Nevertheless, of course, there is always a possibility for some strong winds or maybe tropical storms.

Most of the time, there is just sunshine all day. A fresh and nice breeze from the ocean, making just perfect weather conditions.

The local language in Curacao is called Papiamento, Dutch is the official language. Most people speak English, and Spanish is widely spoken too.

Meanwhile are more than 50 nationalities living on this little rock. This influences the culture with African, Latin American, European, and Asian touch.

Curacao, with its diversity, is a perfect destination for a vacation. Photographers find tons of opportunities to fill the memory cards.
Beautiful beaches, an amazing underwater world, wonderful landscape, and lots of awesome places in the city called Willemstad.


For amazing landscape shots, the best season is between October and March. This is normally the rainy season, but it gives beautiful colors to nature. During the dry season, the landscape looks less colorful, due to the drought.

Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, has a rich history. Lots of colorful historical and colonial architecture. Many buildings have been damaged or destroyed, but meanwhile, a lot is nicely restored again and is used for different purposes to this day.

For photographers, it is a real paradise with all those amazing spots, beautiful beaches and landscape, old forts, historical buildings, and especially during the rainy season, the beautiful flora and fauna.

Bird lovers will find tons of opportunities too. Many different species are living on this island all year and during the season of bird migration, it gets really amazing. In old salines, it is easy to spot Flamingos. With a little luck, it is possible to get some very close, like this picture below. This Flamingo came close to me and was maybe just 1 meter away – just amazing for close-up shots.